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Mitch McConnell, buffoon or just a sleaze ball?

Once again Mitch, like all the other ignorant Ed-reformers is telling us that what is good for our kids is less than what is good for people like him and his grandchildren. Vouchers are great for wealthy people because it would help defray some of the costs of going to the private schools their children already attend.

Mitch speaks of how much more money someone with a college degree will make that a high school dropout (A few years back I would have agreed). Really Mitch, considering the rising cost of a college education that could be a wash soon, especially if politicians like you fail to enact programs that will produce any decent paying jobs for those college graduates. So higher education takes a beating as well.

Of course there is always those college degree required, $7.50 an hour jobs, as a cashier at McDonalds available. Of all the occupations I dreamed of doing when I was growing up a fast food restaurant cashier wasn’t one of them. I also know I never thought of having my heart and brain removed so I could become a politician.

The public education reform game is a circular one. Mitch and his fellow politicians sell out our children’s education to the highest bidder, whether it’s for profit charters schools, test publishers, groups like TFA, or hedge fund operators, it doesn’t matter to them. Then to make the uniformed, apathetic public think our schools are failing they raise the competency requirements of tests like the Common Core to unreasonable levels (sometimes two grade levels above a student’s actually ability considering  age and maturity level) and when many students fail they tell us it’s public education and poor teaching that are causing schools and students to fail. Then they doctor the data (or just flat out lie) and stack the deck against public education via media blitzes and say we need vouchers and charters schools to stop the slide to mediocrity. Then the cycle begins again. Lies and more damn lies.

Most charter schools, including KIPP, are on average not as good at educating children, as are public schools, even though they receive more money per student. As we all know many charter schools are just plain garbage. They throw away kids, who don’t perform, back to those BAD public schools and recruit the best students they can find. Mitch also fails to mention that private schools have lower class sizes and can get rid of any student for most any reason as well.

How can he say he is for parental control and school choice when schools in the large cities are being shut down and re-opened as charter schools? Parents are protesting all over the country, but they are being ignored. I think what Mitch means is wealthy parental choice and control. No wonder Chicago decides to build a $400 million dollar prison, instead of keeping schools open. They are taking education away from children, not creating any jobs or opportunity for those that live in poverty and the lower middle class. What better place to get cheap labor? There was a reason the laws where changed in the 70s and 80s; to put more young black men in the private prisons that where being built. These goons are coming back for more, but this time I don’t think they care about race, just income, or lack thereof, levels. Any poor person will do.

I usually like to go out for dinner and drinks before being bent over. I’m sure most Americans do as well. Sorry folks, you don’t even have to take your pants off for this one. They are giving to us good right now. We have to fight back.

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