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No status, but much stress.

This is my response to an NY Times Op Ed piece entitled “Status and Stress”. Here’s the link: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/07/27/status-and-stress/?hp&_r=1

I wrote this yesterday in response to the Huffington Post piece on teachers supposedly failing black students. I think it has validity in regard to this article as well.

I grew up poor, especially after my mom and dad divorced when I was 9. I was the oldest of three boys. Dad used to drink any money he made away even before they divorced. Afterward he never paid a dime of child support. We lived on welfare and in subsidized housing. We had little to nothing to eat at the end of the month. We dumpster dived to collect bottles and cans to sell for food until the next government check came. Mom went to college during this time.

We had few clothes and sometimes had to tape our shoes together until we could afford another pair, which wasn’t often. We had some health care provided, but it was poor quality to say the least. It was a living hell. Stressful and humiliating to say the least. I am one of only two of us to have graduated from high school. I am the only one to have a college degree. I also have two master’s degrees. I am a white man telling any of you skeptics out there that this is a real issue and not a racial fantasy. Poverty doesn’t involve lazy people, only people who are down on their luck.

It’s sure easy to spend money on wars and campaigns, but it’s oh so difficult to help the Americans with the most need. Shame on us for not taking care of our own in this rich country.


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