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What is wealth?

Just a thought I had while training a student teacher during summer school this year:

Even if the wealthiest individuals in the world have more “things” than I do, they will never be richer than me. I have exponential wealth invested in the students I have served over the years, not only in academia, but in their lives in general. I’ve come to realize that even if a student carries within them only one positive aspect from their time with me I will have added to the quality of society in general. I pity those poor souls whose idea of riches comes from the accumulation of “things” and not the interaction with and the helping of individuals.

None of us can take material things with us when we die. However, we educators can be sure that there are human beings, besides our own children, out there who will take with them something of us that will be passed down from generation to generation. We are all truly rich in what matters most.

I feel wealthy beyond my wildest expectations.

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