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8 simple rules of education (Rest in peace John Ritter):

Teachers should not have to pay for supplies for their students or classrooms.

Kids should be educated according to ability (mastery level) grouping and not by age like the outdated concept we use now.

Teachers (Teacher leaders who do not teach classes) should be in charge of campus curriculum and instruction, not principals.

Principals should handle the overall running of the school, community/stakeholder interaction and student discipline.

Required knowledge and skills needed to be known by students can be written at the state level, but the actual curriculum should be written at the district level and not buy a large corporation. It should be a class c misdemeanor to do business with any corporation named Pearson.

If high stakes testing is required for students, to be promoted to the next grade level or graduate from high school, state legislators should be required to take the high school tests. If legislators don’t pass the tests they should be removed from the legislative body immediately until they receive a passing score.

All software purchased by the state and school districts should be free for the first year to be sure it will actually help in the education process. This would insure students will actually get the benefit of education monies in the class room. Once purchased the software must be used for at least 3 years so as not to confuse and frustrate staff, teachers and students.

Any so called education reformer, whether individual, group, foundation, or corporation should be required to prove they are not connected to hedge fund groups, political organizations or any person named Bill, Eli, Michael, Michelle, Wendy, Koch or a Sam Walton descendent.

*This is just a start.

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