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Head spinning…Thoughts on education

Is it me, or do we make educating students something akin to proving string theory? (Ok, I watch The Big Bang Theory…so shoot me). Anyone?

Education today is like walking into a restaurant, which has a 3000 page menu and serves every dish you can imagine, with few of those dishes being edible. When, to be successful, the restaurant only needs the menu to be 2 pages, with all of the dishes being quality food.

I’m thinking of writing a book on how to best educate all children, even the ones no one says we can educate (That’s my expertise). The book would not quote any studies or throw mounds of data at the reader. So many books out there confuse and frustrate teachers, because none of that data is truly qualitative, or in other words, useful in their classrooms. I truly don’t believe quantitative data (except for their own classroom assessments) helps the classroom teachers in anyway shape or form. All that data and extraneous information only keeps most teachers from wanting to read the books. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have something like 10 simple rules to give students a quality and meaningful education?

To those of you out there who purchase school related software, whether for a district, campus or a classroom. You can’t keep changing software, after 1 year of usage, and honestly believe there will be any positive effects. You need to give software at least a 3 year test; otherwise you are confusing and frustrating teachers and students.

That’s today’s rant…

Thoughts? Criticisms? Questions?

Thanks for reading!



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