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Failure as part of success.

In life failure is part of your education and is not only completely anticipated, but also acceptable. Failure is an important part of success. Many of the greatest inventions by mankind have come from trial and failure time and time again until success was finally achieved. Unfortunately, that is not true in schools.

Failure is seen as a lack of ability or intellectual capability. High stakes testing has made this concept even more part of the mainstream thinking. Testing is NOT education. Exploration, along with failure as acceptable and correctable is true education. Testing being thought of as a major part of education simply stymies many of our most creative and intellectual minds to the point of shutting down.

Michael Jordan failed to make his varsity basketball team, in high school, the first time he tried. He never gave up. He got a second chance. From failure he succeeded. The first time a baby attempts to walk they fail, in fact they fail numerous times before they walk. The first few times a child tries to ride a bike they fail.

We all fail many times in our lives without the consequences and stigmatisms attached to doing poorly (or failing) on a standardized test.  A one size fits all curriculum closes off opportunity and creativity to many who care about their education, but not school in its current version. It’s time we allow all students to be able to fail and recover without consequences, after isn’t success through mastery what life is really about?


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